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Our fitness classes are rooted in low-impact, total body, spring resistance training achieved through reformer Pilates and rebounding. All workout classes are set to fun, upbeat music, and each class is limited to 8 students for individualized support.

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A modern take on reformer Pilates. You'll use one of our MYOFORMER machines to stretch, lunge, glide and pull your way to a 50-minute total body workout designed to sculpt and strengthen your core, arm and leg muscles. Expect a high-intensity, low-impact workout. Available in standard or advanced levels. You'll also be able to adjust how many springs you use to change your resistance level and Make it Your Own.


Our MYOFUSION classes combine reformer Pilates with rebounding (aka - the trampoline workout). We begin with cardio on the rebounder, then transition to strength and resistance workouts on the MYOFORMER for a fun and fast-paced fitness class. This class is the perfect fusion of both cardio and strength. Available in 50 and 80 minute sessions.

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Our Boost classes utilize the rebounder for the full 50 or 80 minute class consisting of low-impact cardio and total body training using light hand/ankle weights and resistance bands.. Rebounding stimulates your lymphatic system and detoxes the body. An efficient lymphatic system combined with cardiovascular training boosts your heart rate and your metabolism. Most importantly, exercise promotes the release of endorphins, giving you a bright boost to your mood!


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